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Smart development update

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Smart development update

The Stillwater Smart Community Source (SCS) urban planning committee got out maps and markers to identify key areas in Stillwater primed for development during their May meeting.

After receiving background information on framework zones, each committee member completed a map of their top five framework zone areas in the Stillwater community focusing on residential, commercial, industrial, recreational development as well as the downtown area. 

“In order to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s changing infrastructure and growing population, community leaders must think outside the box and try to envision opportunities to integrate new, smart technologies into everyday life,” said Dr. Lantz Holtzhower.  “I feel we took that first step today to build a smarter, more sustainable community for Stillwater and the surrounding areas."

After each member completed their map, discussion took place comparing the common areas the committee listed, as well as other areas not mapped out.  Maps were compared and the Esri City Engine system was displayed as a way of showing how areas could be developed. 

“I am very excited about the discussions and collaboration we are having in the Urban Planning Committee,” said Cade Crawford.  “We are a diverse group with varying backgrounds and points of view.  However, we are having good, open discussion about how to move Stillwater forward."

Some of the common areas the committee identified are:

  • Southern & Southwestern Stillwater (residential)
  • Airport Park (commercial, industrial & recreational)
  • South Hwy 177 & West Hwy 51 (commercial)
  • Boomer Lake & Coach Park (recreational)
  • Block 34, Community Center & Mixed Use (downtown)

“The exercise we went through looking at current and future land uses was a great way to not only target some common areas of interest,” Crawford added, “but also consider different viewpoints on how we can best optimize our community’s assets.”

The committees work will be shared with the entire SCS Leadership Council at their next meeting on June 22.  Next steps will also be discussed about how placemaking and the smart community process fit hand in hand and how Stillwater could be an example for other communities to follow.

“This process could be a beacon for other communities to navigate advancing technological disruptions in the urban planning and development sector,” Holtzhower said.

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