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Stage V: Execution in Stillwater, OK

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Stage V: Execution in Stillwater, OK

What is Smart Community Source?

Smart Community Source is a blueprint for community planning driven by the Innovation Pointe Digital Platform. It is an effort to combat challenges such as growing urbanization, increasing infrastructure stress, increasing competition, growing expectations and exponential technology. This new model of community planning addresses four key areas needed for creating a “smart” community:

  • Developing Community Leaders
  • Creating Community Alliances & Smart Ecosystems
  • Placemaking
  • Quality of Life


What's happening now?


Over the past 18 months, leaders from various segments of the Stillwater community have collaborated to discuss challenges facing the future of our community. In an effort to continue pioneering forward, strategic priorities have been determined to help the community confront those challenges. As we approach the fifth stage of the Stillwater SCS planning model, we hope to engage community members in the execution of these plans.


How can I get involved?

Over the next few weeks, we'll be hosting a social symposium on the Stillwater Smart Community Source social media channels. A discussion will take place where you can learn more about the initiative and what it means for you. You'll hear from community leaders on initiatives they're committed to and find ways to get involved. Each week, we’ll give away a $100 gift card to a lucky resident. All you have to do is participate in the conversation by commenting! We're also creating monthly pop-up events hosted by various advisory groups to inform and recruit champions who will implement the priorities created in the Stillwater Smart Community Source Optimization Plan.

Join us on social media and at various community locations for pop-up events where you can volunteer to make our community smart, one step at a time.

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