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SCS Announces Community Planning Tools
Smart Community Source has announced a comprehensive planning tool for building smart communities. The Smart Community Source Gateway will enable smarter online collaboration, a common platform for collecting community intelligence, and analytical tools for making smarter decisions and investments. The gateway includes multiple applications, including a contact manager, calendar, document center, meeting notes, smart planning, smart maps, analytical dashboard, project manager, etc.
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NESI-SES to Fund Urban Development Research
The NESI-SES Association recently approved $200,000 toward the funding of Urban Development research. The Smart Urban Development research project is focused on developing a new model for community planning. Urban development is becoming very complex, will require a long-term commitment and includes multiple individual actors and organizations with their interests and claims.
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NESI-SES Association to Fund Smart Community UAV Plan, Host Collaborative Meetings
The NESI-SES Association, a partnership among corporations and OSU is researching and developing rules and guidelines that will control, monitor and track the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in local communities. The results of these efforts will create a Community UAV Plan to help shape policy and advance the technology to open new opportunities within our communities for increased safety on multiple fronts and benefit emergency management as they respond to emergency situations. The ass...
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SCS launches social media accounts
Smart Community Source has recently launched social media accounts. Be sure to visit, like and share about smart communities:
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Leaders from Stillwater and surrounding communities were invited to Central Electric Cooperative on Tuesday, October 11, to learn about the new Smart Community Source initiative. The meeting was hosted in part by Smart Energy Source, the NESI-SES (National Energy Solutions Institute-Smart Energy Source) Association, Central Electric Cooperative, City of Stillwater and the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce. Smart Community Source is a collaborative effort to begin planning for and addressing the cha...
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Central Electric Cooperative honors BOLD leaders
Record attendance was reported by Central Electric Cooperative’s attorney for the 77th Annual Meeting held May 19. The theme of the meeting was BOLD Leadership, and Central honored six community leaders for their ability to raise the standard and be opportunistic in their communities.
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