Smart Community Source Purpose
The Smart Urban Development research project is focused on developing a new model for community planning (see the Smart Urban Development and Infrastructure strategy in the image below). Urban development is becoming very complex, will require a long-term commitment and includes multiple individual actors and organizations with their interests and claims. Traditional planning models that are not inclusive of new players and continue to be done in silos will not facilitate the future smart community demands. Many of today's current planning models were not developed under the complexity of exponential technologies that exceed current methods, practices, people and expand beyond the boundaries of governmental organizations.

A new framework for developing our communities will need to evolve, and this will take time and commitment from a group of collaborators who are willing to engage critical issues from a community focus rather than a self-preservation focus. The image provides a framework for Smart Community development with the overriding understanding that the key to this effort will be collaboration among all key stakeholders, closing the gap between data being produced and disseminated, and the ability of all participants to connect the dots – collective intelligence. This, in turn, provides increased awareness or situation awareness that can empower community leaders to have a more holistic understanding of key urban elements, subsystems, and their complex relationships and influence on each other.