Smart Community Source Resources
One of the primary goals for Smart Community Source is to provide communities resources to confront the multiple and complex challenges facing our communities. Building an ecosystem of alliances that can provide resources that enable communities to think bigger than the current capacity of the community will be imperative.

Smart Community Forum/Workshops

The SCS forum/workshops are designed to introduce the concept of smart communities to identified community leaders. The workshop provides an opportunity for community leaders to better understand what is driving smart communities, how smart technologies are putting more stress on infrastructure planning, how communities are using smart technologies to compete for new businesses and jobs, the growing expectations of businesses and constituents and how the growth (exponential) technologies is changing the landscape of our communities. The workshop will provide practical steps that can enable a community to move forward and leverage the combined and cooperative resources from the SCS portfolio.

Bold Leadership

Today as we look at the national landscape and the challenges facing our country and our communities we need men and women with “Bold Leadership” more than ever. Bold leadership challenges each of us to ask questions that provide clarity to our purpose. Bold Leadership is a vision of not what already is, not what could be, not what we hope will become, but what should be. For a community to succeed, leadership gaps must be bridged.

Smart Community Source Strategic Plan

The SCS strategic plan is a comprehensive roadmap developed in collaboration with skilled engineers from multiple disciplines: technicians, IT staff, experienced project planners and financial analyst. The SCS model along with the defined resources provide a community assurances of sound investments, executable steps, an implementation plan and measurements that indicate levels of performance.

Community Lincpointe

The Community Lincpointe represents a critical tool that enables the community to collaborate on smart community issues, create collective intelligence, and become more analytical in how to use information exchange (data) to unify the community, set priorities, ensure that investments are being optimized and that resources and people are aligned in making a difference in the community. The Community Lincpointe is accessible as a web based application and as an iOS app.

Smart Community Foundation Named Funds

Funding and financing capabilities are required to make dreams and goals a reality. The SCS Community Foundation has been established to ensure that communities have a conduit for raising the necessary capital for projects and also increase the ability to leverage these funds with other organizations and communities throughout the region.


SCS provides ongoing research to available grants that come through multiple sources. The grant database is a resource to ensure that SCS communities are both aware and have access to grant writers who can develop a grant proposal for specified smart projects within the community.

Innovation Pointe

Innovation Pointe is a Business Park that has been engineered on the Smart Community design. This business park in collaboration with NESI-SES provides communities a first hand view of smart community tools and practices: Distributed Generation, LEED facilities, GSHP, Communication Network, Data Center, Recycling, Work/Life Balance Investments, Security Surveillance, etc.