As we look at the national landscape of today and the challenges facing our country and our communities, we need men and women with “Bold Leadership” more than ever. Bold leadership challenges each of us to ask questions that provide clarity to our purpose. Bold Leadership is a vision of not what already is, not what could be, not what we hope will become, but what SHOULD be. SCS believes that without a focused leadership effort, communities will fail through confusion with: 

  • A lack of vision that is clearly defined and achievable.
  • Increased anxiety due to lack of skills that will be required from multiple disciplines.
  • A feeling of being lost due to a leadership gap in pivotal areas within the community leadership framework.
  • Frustration from leaders when resources are limited and therefore create major obstacles in achieving the desired result.
  • A false start due to a lack of a comprehensive action plan that is executable with incremental results that can be measured.

The Bold Leadership Training is made up of three distinctive workshops: LEAD, Corporate Social Responsibility and LINK. These programs have been designed to create a Leadership Framework for meeting the challenging and complex demands facing our communities.