Corporate Social Responibility
Corporations have a significant influence on a community and communities are many times defined by the handprint of corporations and its leadership. In a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled The Truth About CSR, the author states that most companies have long practiced some form of corporate social responsibility with the broad goal of simply contributing to the well-being of the communities and society they affect and on which they depend. Smart Community Source recognizes that corporations play a very instrumental role within the community as they are the life line for jobs and in many cases create the very culture of leadership within a community. The CSR program within Smart Community Source is designed to engage corporations and the respective leadership on how the Smart Community effort can create a win-win proposition.  The following workshop topics, collaboration, and training will be offered to SCS participants:

CSR Topic One: Focusing on Stewardship and Philanthropy

Engineering, designing and executing a smart community will require multiple resources including financial and human capital (volunteers). Corporations have always played a significant role in meeting the financial demands of a community in the area of quality of life.

Workshop/Session Focus:

  • CSR philanthropic strategies that can be leveraged to meet areas of the Smart Community plan.
  • The SCS framework also has established a community foundation that can be leveraged for those communities who do not have access to a 501(c)3 fund. Named funds have been established for multiple communities to-date. Learn More
  • Matching grant opportunities

CSR Topic Two: Improving Operational Effectiveness through Smart Infrastructure

Smart Community infrastructure is defined in ways beyond our traditional infrastructure. Our traditional infrastructure has been defined as; electric, water, sewer, roads, etc. In addition to these traditional types of infrastructure we are seeing the convergence of technology to more efficiently operate these independent infrastructures and enhance the operations of corporations within our communities. These enhancements include the leveraging of investments and assets such as common communication networks (fiber, wireless, etc), data storage capacity, monitoring facilities, surveillance networks, street lighting networks, distributed generation solutions, smart grid interconnections that increase reliability, etc. All of these converging technologies help a community become more efficient therefore making it a more competitive environment for economic growth and jobs.
Workshop/Session Focus:

  • Corporations needs assessment
  • Technologies and economies of scale opportunities
  • Smart Mapping of Assets

CSR topic three: How CSR is transforming the business model for corporations and city government

Business models for corporations are changing due to the exponential growth of technology which in turn is disrupting the current municipal/city government business model. An example of this is LEED buildings which are driving down the use of energy and other utility services, therefore decreasing the revenues for city services. Traditionally electric sales have driven the revenues for many municipals and subsidized other city services. SCS believes this trend will continue to expand at a rapid pace and be very disruptive to the current municipal business model.
Workshop/Session Focus:

  • Insights from current projects
  • Creating New Business Model options for win-win scenarios
  • Pilot project opportunities